I have a JSON format block (Height:500000) here. As you can see here, it is a segwit block and its actual size is 1048581 and stripped size (without witness data) is 981404. I want to strip full node's segwit fields and convert it to a legacy node using any inbuilt method or an implemented solution. (According to my knowledge, it can't be done by downloading older versions of bitcoin core client and using JSON-RPC requests, because it has an issue of still having fields from segwit upgradation.) OR simply I just wanna deal with blocks data as legacy nodes see it. Can I download block data the way legacy nodes see it in JSON/hex format using any API or JSON-RPC calls?

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    You can use an old version of Bitcoin Core (as its peers will recognize it as an old node, and give it a stripped version in the first place), but don't do that as they're not maintained. You can also use a new version of Core with the "-rpcserialversion=0" option, in which case RPCs like getblock will give witness-stripped results. – Pieter Wuille Feb 26 at 22:17

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