Hello everyone I need to know in which wallet I can import my seed like the one in the next photo which is an example, it is not the real one, I do not remember which page years ago gave me this as a seed and I found it after believing it lost and I want to recover My funds in which wallet I can do, greetings

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First, you can edit your question instead of answering to it to add details.

Second, what you provided is not a seed as in BIP32 seed from which you get a master key and then can derive other keys from it.

This is a private key, as in the private key of a private-public key pair.

An answer to your question is the Bitcoin core implementation wallet allows you to import a single priv key with command importprivkey:

bitcoin-cli importprivkey 5JtfaH........

You can download the Electrum wallet, which is very user friendly. (Link: https://electrum.org/#download)

Once you've set up the wallet you can do Wallet > Private Keys > Sweep to send your coins to your new wallet, and then spend them.

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