Why guiminer is using different amount of GPU each time I restart my computer? I'm running guiminer-20121203, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670M, poclbm.exe with flags -s 0.005 -f 60 What I noticed was, it was 35Mgash/s with 75% GPU usage. And after I restart my computer, it became 50Mgash/s with 100% GPU usage with the same flag settings.

Also, before when I tried only with flag -s 0.010 it utilized 100% GPU, but without restarting computer, using flag -s 0.011 reduced GPU usage to 60%.

What's going on??

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Other applications can alter your GPU settings not just guiminer.

If you take a read over this question here it may reflect a similar circumstance which is causing a variable hash rate on your hardware. Without knowing your exact usage of your computer though I cant say for sure.

  • I swear god I tested this, with exactly the same condition. Ok, just to be sure let's test this again... And.. I can't reproduce the situation I described above... Now same flags gives same hash rate and GPU usage. So I guess I was wrong.
    – Sida Zhou
    Apr 10, 2013 at 5:38

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