in PHP how do i create the full public key from a compressed one?

my test key is 026a04ab98d9e4774ad806e302dddeb63bea16b5cb5f223ee77478e861bb583eb3

and the uncompressed one is 6a04ab98d9e4774ad806e302dddeb63bea16b5cb5f223ee77478e861bb583eb3 36b6fbcb60b5b3d4f1551ac45e5ffc4936466e7d98f6c7c0ec736539f74691a6

can this be done via openssl?

thanks for any helpful answer!!

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using MDANTER's great library i managed it to work. if anyone needs it in the future.

use Elliptic\EC;
$ec = new EC('secp256k1');
$key = $ec->keyFromPublic($pub, 'hex');

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