After withdrawing bitcoin from a site I use I sent it straight to another site with a generated address, on my site it said it was completed but was never received on the other site. The three addresses are





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I sent it straight to another site

Evidence suggests not.

At the time of writing, none of those addresses has any history of transactions in the public blockchain for Bitcoin (BTC). The second address 8usk...TLnj does not appear to be a valid Bitcoin P2PKH, P2SH or Bech32 address

Therefore the "site" you "withdrew" Bitcoin from, or your subsequent "sent it" (if a separate transaction), did not actually create a transaction (or at least, not a transaction that was both valid and had a sufficient transaction fee).

Consequently the money is still in its original location.

You can check addresses and transaction-IDs at any public "blockchain explorer". I suggest trying several to be more confident of the information returned.

If I add a 3 to the start of your second address 8uskrzBQKwbhWHL7LYFMAD5yCNH6vTLnj this makes a valid Bitcoin P2SH address which currently has been used in six transactions in recent days. None of those transactions involve the other addresses in your question.


I think your transaction is stuck in between. If this is the case you may use bitcoin transaction accelerators. here is detailed article on it: https://coinfunda.com/bitcoin-transaction-accelerator-speedup-stuck-tx/

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