I use software from https://github.com/ca333/rng-scanner , I try to find r that is reused. from the software I found results

Bitcoin Address : 1GQdrgqAbkeEPUef1UpiTc4X1mUHMcyuGW
In Input NR : 141 ~ 220020a271a0897f1b7a7f0db9acb517ae2b6d53dda3833808d02c6a1cc21dc1a68680
Resued R-Value : a0897f1b7a7f0db9acb517ae2b6d53dda3833808d02c6a1cc21dc1a68680

How do I find the s and z of the reused r value?


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The one of the best way (I do it by that way) to find reused R values is to parse the raw blockchain database with my blockchain parser with extracting only Input script and TX hash values and then cut off from script strings all except R value. So you get all R values ever generated. Then you can check those data for reusing R and easily find those TX's full data using it's hash.

This is the universal automated method for making such research for blockchain. I think this way is not the way like getreusedr > result.txt but I think it also can help you very much.

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