Is there a way to convert back or what do I do? I would have thought that the old dat files would still be somewhere on my PC. I never put them in a wallet ( .1 BC) so it was just a bunch of files. If i can access them, which ones do I need & how would I transfer them to a Trezor1 ?

Thank you

i can find this, is it usable to move the data to my wallet ?

C:\Users\Doug\SkyDrive\Documents\bitcoin (2016_09_09 22_16_58 UTC) (2017_08_22 13_54_01 UTC).dat
  • What does "converted to Adobe" mean? What does "I never put them in a wallet" mean. That "bunch of files" likely was a wallet. Mar 31, 2020 at 17:37
  • I wanted to "save" the files to be sure to have them in the future. I clicked on the dat file & used the "save file" function. They were on a remote hard drive under bitcoin.dat. I downloaded Bitcoin Wallet app and can't figure out how to move the data to it to have my .1 bitcoin ( it was a fee download years ago from a newsletter. On my PC, I can only find bitcoin.dat files in Adobe format (?). when I try to do anything it tells me that Adobe can't open them. Maybe that doesn't mean anything. Can I drag/drop into Bitcoin Wallet ? Mar 31, 2020 at 18:04
  • Are they called wallet.dat or bitcoin.dat? Mar 31, 2020 at 18:13
  • What I call pull up all seem to have .h or .cpp Mar 31, 2020 at 19:04
  • That's the source code, and will be useless. Can you please expand your question with information such as exactly what you see, exactly what you did, exactly which software you're trying to use. Perhaps include screenshots if things are hard to describe. Mar 31, 2020 at 19:05

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Filename extensions and file associations

You can probably ignore the Adobe icon and messages from Adobe.

Microsoft windows decides on the type of a file by using the last part of a files name, the part after the last period (dot), called a filename-extension. For example something.txt is a plain text file that can be edited with Notepad. something.mp3 is a music file that can be played with, for example, Windows-Media player. something.jpg is a photograph and so on.

Microsoft Windows can also associate a particular filename extension with one particular program that understands and uses the type of file that usually has that filename-extension.

Unfortunately a lot of different programs use .dat as a filename extension - it just means some kind of raw data file. The Bitcoin Core wallet (sometimes called Bitcoin-qt) uses that filename extension - for example in a file named wallet.dat.

When you install one of Adobe's products (e.g. Adobe Illustrator), the installation process has associated the .dat filename-extension with the Adobe program and removed any association with other programs.

This is why Windows explorer erroneously shows the Adobe icon next to your bitcoin .dat file. This is why Windows runs the Adobe program (not Bitcoin core) when you click on the file.

This doesn't matter that much, you can ignore it and leave the association as it is.

If you run your wallet program by finding it in the start menu or going to its web-page etc (and not by clicking on the .dat file name) it will likely work OK despite the file-association with an Adobe program.

bitcoin (2016_09_09 22_16_58 UTC) (2017_08_22 13_54_01 UTC).dat

You don't explain what kind of wallet (or web-site service) you used to store your Bitcoins before. The rest of this answer assumes you used the "Bitcoin core" wallet. If you didn't you should stop reading this answer.

The Bitcoin core wallet stores important information in a file named wallet.dat in a place on your computer's hard-disk that is not easy to find using Windows explorer.

If you open Windows explorer and, on the left hand side, click on This PC then Windows (C:), then users, then click on your name, then at the top click into the part at the top where it says This PC > Windows (C:) > Users > Yourname. It will change to C:\Users\Yourname. Move the cursor to the end (right-arrow) and add \AppData (by typing that) and press the Enter key. Click on Roaming then Bitcoin. You should see wallet.dat.

The filename you have given is different and is not one I am familiar with. This is a long-shot but,if we assume it is a backup copy of a wallet.dat saved with a special name but the same contents, you might be able to

  • close the Bitcoin program if it is running.
  • rename the existing wallet.dat to wallet.dat.new (so that you can undo these changes)
  • make a copy of your bitcoin (2016_09_09 22_16_58 UTC) (2017_08_22 13_54_01 UTC).dat with the name wallet.dat
  • put the copy into the same folder as the wallet.dat.new
  • start Bitcoin.

If you did not use Bitcoin core, whatever Bitcoin wallet you were using before likely has some "restore wallet" option used in conjunction with data files created using a "backup wallet" function.

How would I transfer them to a Trezor1?

This is a separate question, you need to get some information out of your Bitcoin wallet (out of a valid wallet.dat file) and that requires a working Bitcoin core wallet program and knowledge of the password for the wallet.

  • I doubt this is a Bitcoin Core wallet. Apr 1, 2020 at 18:56
  • @PieterWuille: I agree, the more I wrote the more I thought OP more likely has something simpler to use which created his wierdly named file. Maybe the first part of my answer will at least help OP understand file-associations if this is a PC-based wallet of some kind. I'll maybe delete this if any progress is made. Apr 1, 2020 at 19:04
  • Gents, Thanks very much for the help so far. I have gone into the files as eloquently explained above and now have a wallet.dat and wallet.dat.new There is still an Adobe logo before the file name, maybe that doesn't matter ? Apr 6, 2020 at 16:44
  • When I got the file I did not have a wallet. About 3-4 years later I downloaded bitcoin 0.8.1 and ran it to catch up on the blockchain, which it did. It would update daily. I could not figure out how to move the .dat file to the wallet and downloaded Bitcoin core. It is now trying to download 5 years of blockchain. Which of these do I delete and how would you suggest i attempt to proceed ? Apr 6, 2020 at 16:49
  • I have the password and a Trezor wallet. Can I skip the bitcoin wallet and go straight to the Trezor ? Apr 6, 2020 at 16:51

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