I sent bitcoins to a wallet using the QR code in order to be very sure of the address. It shows in my wallet that it has been sent. But the receiver haven't seen it in his wallet. I checked it online and it shows that the money is in the address. How can i do for him to see his coins or if not get? I sent it to this address. Note: the transaction shows confirmed



1N9V3yNuBEbgS3g87qibrnTGARj9SrKFst did receive bitcoins. If they ask you to send again, don't, it might be a scam.

You can give them the transaction ids:


even though they don't need them. You can just tell them "on block explorers it the transactions are shown as confirmed." with a kind "Can you confirm that the output address 1N9V3yNuBEbgS3g87qibrnTGARj9SrKFst shown on the block explorer was the one you had given to me?"

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