I generated a BTC address in "Bitcoin Core" before 2 years ago, but my HDD is burnet and I lost everything.

Unfortunately I don't saved file "wallet.dat" and I don't have "private key", but I have "passphrase". I install diferent versins on "Bitcoin Core", but I can only add BTC address and don't can make transaction. I added my wallet address in "blockchain.com", but to make a transaction I need a "private key" How can I get a "private key"?


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You cannot. You need the wallet.dat file, unfortunately. Without a backup there is way to recover the funds.

  • Yeah. Unfortunately, you're out of luck. If you didn't save the private key and didn't save the wallet.dat file, there is no way to perform a transaction. Your passphrase is useless without the wallet.dat file. Commented Apr 10, 2020 at 4:28

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