I tried using the R scanner from the following link https://github.com/ca333/rng-scanner/blob/master/rscan.py, then I got results like this

Bitcoin Address : 3EZ5yV5FARDqEZTXzwWNt33XLVhv7hqAS2
R: 09a8bcef1c9f806b7ba1f6f07d2ac45469a0e860fb14e3e151ce1e710483
TxId : 9ae7ce79fa8501dd92ade347fae7c1737ccefa6db204a2fae485634c265d5494

then I open the transaction link and see the sigscript and witness of the transaction


What does sigscript and witness mean of the transaction? Why are the sigscript and witness forms different from the transactions below?


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