In my last answer I have done an allegation which I want to be proven or disproven. If this work possible, how much paper does it require? What kind of software needs Bob to send a transaction to miners?

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You can write a transaction by hand. You'll definitely need to use a computer to sign it. Then you can then search for "Bitcoin push transaction" to broadcast yours, or you can connect to a node with TCP and send them the transaction, or you can mail the signed transaction to your favorite pool operator.


The transaction digest alone would take around 2 days of non-stop work:


That's before you even start the 32-byte multiplication required to compute an ECDSA signature.

It might be humanly possible if the UTXO you are spending does not require a signature. An "anyone-can-spend" transaction would only take a few minutes to assemble since they require no input script. But then of course anyone could steal your coins before your TX got confirmed.

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