So a few months ago I unplugged my bitcoin node when it was running perfectly. So when I connected it again this week I had to let it sync to the blockchain again. Now you can see it's synced but I have several issues. It tells me to update the version when v0.19.0.1 is totally up to date. And if I need to update, how do I do it? Secondly I don't know but it says that my node is unreachable (I cropped out the IP address). How can I fix it?


enter image description here

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Your node is not up to date: the latest release of Bitcoin Core is 0.19.1 which is a newer release than

You appear to be using a RaspiBolt. The RaspiBolt project's FAQ addresses your question here: How to upgrade Bitcoin Core?.

Regarding the reachability, your best bet is likely to raise an issue on the project's GitHub page (which it appears that you have done already). There are some issues asking about nodes being unreachable on the project's github page, but I don't know more about that.

  • Thanks for the tip on updating. The unreachable issue I think it's because of port forwarding
    – nerviosus
    Apr 25, 2020 at 22:01

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