My phone is rooted and I'm not going to use the Bitcoin Wallet app anymore since I'll be switching to another one. My problem is, I can't seem to find where the downloaded blockchains are stored. If I'm not mistaken it's supposedly gigabytes big but I can't find it anywhere on my phone. I'm pretty sure the first time I opened up the app, it appeared to be downloading them.

Can someone tell me what directories I should delete to ensure that the app is fully removed from my phone. (I just don't want rogue data lying around and taking up unnecessary space)

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The size of the blockchain download by BW has significantly reduced recently, and is only headers at best so you're only looking for a 20-40Mb file not gigabytes.

You should be able to locate the private keys here:


If you need assistance with accessing your rooted phone (you probably don't) I wrote an article detailing Bitcoin recovery operations on Android that may provide useful supporting information.


All you need to do is uninstall the app. Android will take of everything and remove all data owned by the app. You should keep a backup of your wallet though, just in case someone reuses one of your addresses to send you money.

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