I am unable to list unspent unconfirmed transactions for watch-only addresses. Once the transaction gets at least 1 confirmation it gets included in the returned result.

This is the command I am running (split into multiple lines for easier comments):

   -rpcwallet=*** # redacted wallet name
   listunspent 0 # minconf
   99999 # maxconf
   [] # addresses - empty seems to mean all
   true # include_unsafe

Documentation of include_unsafe:

Whether this output is considered safe to spend. Unconfirmed transactions from outside keys are considered unsafe and are not eligible for spending by fundrawtransaction and sendtoaddress.

This statement makes me think that this is an actual bug. It's worth noting that for addresses generated by wallet (not watchonly) unconfirmed transactions are showing just fine...



Seems like listunspent is actually working fine. However, importmulti doesn't seem to scan mempool for transactions.

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