I'm trying to import a multisig wallet on regtest, but getting a strange error. What am I doing wrong? I've tried it with xpubs, tpubs, and Vpubs (converted here) and get the same error for all.


bitcoin-cli -regtest importmulti '[{"desc": "wsh(multi(2,tpubDDgGUQsV9M7N5DD3WQmkqkq9UXkSvfHvyefNDx2b7KwmukE6FfuFk3JfncmjCNnG9scWcdz6MEeNPZXHArkGFuTXTsZNr4288ULxuTDjB6u/0/0/*,tpubDCDw2UcGohVP3rK8kPW8g9hwBojpwzYdjLxQ6AnnuRvThH7q1vwGneGAUkfZYqJo9eKFGzuP4WwaKsQkEqqnwLd1eT2CtpAKQispgxadHWB/0/0/*))", "range": [0,10], "watchonly":true, "timestamp":"now"}]'


    "success": false,
    "error": {
      "code": -5,
      "message": "Missing checksum"

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According to the documentation, some RPCs need a checksum. importmulti is one of those.

You can use getdescriptorinfo to add a checksum to an existing checksum-less one.


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