I assume that if I've Bitcoin installed locally and I either run the GUI or the Daemon... It's the same wallet, data?

To that end, if I want to use the RPC interface, can i just use the GUI while developing (I like that at alerts on any action) rather than the daemon?

TL:DR: is the RPC 8332 port active when using the GUI, Vs the Daemon?

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It's the same wallet, data?

This depends on your configuration like -datadir. This can be specified by command line, or something like a registry key value (when you are using Microsoft Windows).

Note that recent versions of Bitcoin Core supports loading multiple wallet at same time.

TL:DR: is the RPC 8332 port active when using the GUI, Vs the Daemon?

Yes, of course both bitcoin-qt and bitcoind supports JSON-RPC.

Edit: My apologies. For bitcoin-qt GUI, to enable JSON-RPC you must specify -server=1 in command line options, or edit bitcoin.conf to add server=1 to it. For command-line bitcoind, JSON-RPC is enabled by default. Thanks for Pieter Wuille for pointing this out.

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    You need to start bitcoin-qt with the -server=1 command-line option (or put server=1 in bitcoin.conf) in order to enable JSON-RPC access. For bitcoind it is enabled by default. Commented Mar 19, 2021 at 19:07

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