Hello everyone

I'm jud3v and i'm searching an api that provide me the same as electrum wallet for creating multisig wallet 2-of-3 for my client to protect there btc with multisignature.

I have already find there compatible api like blockcypher, bitgo, cryptoapi, and many more... But there api don't have the same as electrum creating multisig wallet, because for example blockcypher provide free api for creating multisig wallet but there api have many bug to fix there are not a stable api like blockchain or coinbase for example.

These api does not compatible with multisig blockchain coinbase btc.com blocktrail (down) blockchair and many more.

So where i can find an api to implement multisig feature from 2 signatory (client, seller) for 3 xpub (co-signatory)

Did i need to download the bitcoin core for creating "only" multisig wallet ?

Thanks you all :)

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