I want to contribute relevant quality content to bitcoincore.org that would be valuable to its readers.


The source code for bitcoincore.org (the website) is maintained via a GitHub repository. Content updates are proposed and reviewed by means of pull requests. Instructions for contributing to the website can be found in the repo's CONTRIBUTING.md.

Given that this question was tagged with "news", I am wondering whether the purpose of the bitcoincore.org website is clear. The above linked contribution guidelines state:

Content Policy

The purpose of the website is to be an official mouthpiece for the Bitcoin Core project as well as be a resource for technical information that has a direct impact on Bitcoin Core software. This can include research, presentations, and developer blogs.

Where proposed content is about Bitcoin Core project policy, there should rough consensus of the Bitcoin Core project maintainers as a minimum bar and final decision is with the Bitcoin Core project lead.

via CONTRIBUTING.md#content-policy, retrieved 2020-06-27

News seems out of scope per these guidelines.

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