I have btc on my paper wallet and I want to transfer to some other address. How can I do this without sharing my private key to some other site like blockchain.com or electrum?


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Electrum does not share your private key with its server. I would use Electrum as it's very convenient, well-maintained and it does not have large storage requirements.

  • Create new wallet
  • File > Sweep private key

Some other options are:

  • Bitcoin Core, which expects you to download the whole blockchain. Use the importprivkey command.
  • BRD wallet, which is my favorite mobile wallet that can sweep from QR.
  • CoPay mobile wallet also has the same feature.

Electrum and Bitcoin Core are the two most popular desktop wallets. (Core was actually designed as a full node, therefore it's not very user-friendly and not the best wallet). I'm not aware of a third desktop wallet.


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