I originally set up my bitcoin-core node on Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial using apt.

The ppa:/bitcoin/bitcoin package repository that I used isn't maintained beyond version 0.15.0, so I need a different way to upgrade to the latest version.

Options seem to be to use either snap or compile from source.

Would appreciate any advise on options. I have full blockchain and I don't want to do anything stupid like deleting it.

Right now, everything is in /root/.bitcoin. Ideally, I'd prefer to switch to source compiling, so as not to run into this issue again.

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So, I completed this without issue by compiling from source.

The apt package binaries were installed in /usr/bin. When compiling from source I used the ./configure --prefix= option to install the updated binaries in a different location.

All of my configuration and block data remained in /root/.bitcoin. By default, the code looks for bitcoin.conf in ~/.bitcoin so once I executed the new binaries it found the configuration as required.

I haven't removed the apt package, but I did move the older version binaries from /usr/bin and have added the new location to $PATH.


If you have to update your Bitcoin core wallet you can just download the new version and open the new bitcoin-qt file.

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