I have a combination of 24 words made from 2048 words. I have 21 of these words known and in order. I am missing 3 words that can be placed in any slot from the 24. How can I work out the number of outcomes that I need to try to find these 3 missing words and where they are in the code?


You have 21 words, out of 24. Therefore, 21 of 24 slots are taken, but not necessarily correctly.

There are 2048 possibilities for each word.

The first word can go into one of any 24 positions, therefore 2048*24. The next in any of 23, and the last in any of 22.

This gives you a total of 2048 * 24 * 2048 * 23 * 2048 * 22, or 2048^3 * 24 * 34 * 22.

That's a total of 154,206,505,795,584 possible combinations. While not impossible to compute, at a reasonable rate of 100,000 attempts per second, you'll be able to try them all in just under 50 years.

This task is highly parallelizable, so you could likely cut that down significantly if you can obtain enough hardware. Even simply knowing the locations of the missing words cuts down the brute force time at 100k guesses a second to just under a day.

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  • ok..so here comes the next problem..when im running this program for 2 missing random words its total combinations are 1157627904... so it works 2048*24*2048*23 = 2315255808 but then looks like it divides them by 2 hence giving 1157627904 total combinations could it be because once a word is found it deducts the process for teh next words? – Gianni Jul 16 at 13:48
  • You won't know if one word is found until you find all the words, assuming you have an address or some key you can validate the seed against. Your script might be wrong, or computing some other set of combinations – Raghav Sood Jul 16 at 13:55
  • im using BTC recover inserting address correctly then inserting my 21 words and added anotehr extra word for a total of 22 words as i start BTC recover it shows seed sentence was too short, inserting 2 words into each guess phase 1/1: up to 2 mistakes, 2 of which can be an entirely different seed word total seeds tried 1157627904 – Gianni Jul 16 at 14:03
  • also when i tried with 3 missing words in 3 definite poistions like 19,20,21 it worked correctly 2048^3 – Gianni Jul 16 at 14:05
  • so the scripts runs well...but i cant just determine the number of total combinations for the 3 random missing words – Gianni Jul 16 at 14:06

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