What is the purpose & functionalities of the LSHIFT & RSHIFT Script OP codes ?

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In the early versions of bitcoin the software used the openssl bignumber lib to perform left and right shift.

E.g. Look at script.cpp in v0.2.13

For example, The OP_LSHIFT (L595) uses bignum.h (L503) and openssl/bn.h to define << operator and ends up at this definition of lshift:


It seems they were disabled in response to a DoS security concern: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Incidents#CVE-2010-5137


For all intents and purposes, Bitcoin has no such opcodes.

Very early versions of Bitcoin's reference implementation did, until version 0.3.10 (August 2010) when they were disabled together with a number of other opcodes. New opcodes with identical functionality could be re-introduced now with a softfork, but the fact that similar opcodes existed historically wouldn't make that any easier (or harder) - they'd just be new opcodes.

As for what they did: they implemented an operation similar to the >>= and <<= C/C++ style operators, multiplying and dividing by a specified power of two.

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