I was surfing on the web and trying to find a chat app that uses Bitcoin address instead of phone numbers or any other identifier. Do you know about any project in this field?

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    That sounds like a terrible idea. Addresses are not intended to be long-term persistent identities. Commented Jul 27, 2020 at 21:11

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The idea was around for some time, and as Pieter mentioned, using addresses without any additional obfuscating seems like a bad implementation.

There are few other projects, the one that is most serious is Microsoft's ION decentralized identity project. It's not the chat-app itself, rather the way of signing into apps using bitcoin-generated identity.

When it comes to chat apps, there is a pretty rapid development in the field of lightning network. As messages on LN are onion-routed, it seem to be a good idea for privacy-preserving communication. There are two projects I heard about, self-custodial Juggernaut and centralized (so what's the point) Sphinx.

I'd be very hesitant in using these solutions, they are working as untested, beta-version projects, so they may not be as stable and secure.

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