I'm relatively new to Bitcoin, crypto and the blockchain and mining etc, however due to having over 15 years experience in IT Ive followed BTC etc since it kicked off in (2009?), and would like to learn more about it from a tech point of view and get involved in this exciting new tech that is, in my opinion kind of like e.g Linux (Ubuntu etc) and open source SW, where knowledge and freedom are more important than profit and all of its problems (eg greed , power, etc) and Linux Desktop open source is amazingly secure reliable OS that is available as an alternative to MS, IOS etc.

I am a firm believer in the internet and IT (even its all its current problems eg scams , hacking, etc) and shortfalls is the great leveler for the "the people" to connect, learn, collaborate etc without government or political and corporate interference or control.

I believe that BTC and its decentralized automatic system of transactions is the way of the future, but with so much -ve press its hard to find good sources of learning/info and how to get involved as a "genuine supporter of the new digital tech"

BTC, crypt etc is fast, very secure, and offers an alternative to corporate, government controlled and owned currency assets.

Your help is appreciated

  • Hi R2D3AU2020, this site is focused on collecting answers for specific questions and, unfortunately, does not work very well for broad recommendation requests. I have linked you to a couple topic that collect different resources to take a look at. I would also recommend that you look at our frequent and highest voted questions for a few interesting reads. I hope this helps, but please ask any concrete questions you discover while tumbling down the rabbit hole. :) – Murch Jul 28 '20 at 17:53