I'm new in the Bitcoin world, but I want do the script. The script will read "blocks" from debug.log, but now when I looking to a debug.log I don't see anything about blocks. Is it possible?

Here is example from my log:

[D:2020-04-13T18:58:49Z] (mempool) Added 30e28c7a2ad288fa3457569423b388f43e0b874032dd14c8bfc1db49777c6746 to mempool (txs=3182). [D:2020-04-13T18:58:50Z] (net) Requesting 1/1 txs from peer with getdata ( [D:2020-04-13T18:58:50Z] (mempool) Added 0ee02ea46ea6c06a3c0addcf651612f8681272310f583f2bd3f273d0c14c3cf0 to mempool (txs=3183). [D:2020-04-13T18:58:50Z] (net) Requesting 6/6 txs from peer with getdata ( [D:2020-04-13T18:58:50Z] (mempool) Added 86e5a85abc674e432aeffef3876772ea8588dc2cdab79ed236041b8875a171e7 to mempool (txs=3184). [D:2020-04-13T18:58:50Z] (mempool) Added fc5c9d831785b1e43b0f9adb4333d7ed23562b332a061f958f7f98dcd5397043 to mempool (txs=3185). [D:2020-04-13T18:58:50Z] (mempool) Added 5742cd2c1f376720596ee0256ca825b2940cf22b7b6e681c3666b46fb72fe144 to mempool (txs=3186). [D:2020-04-13T18:58:50Z] (mempool) Added e8222822f1fba4fb8dd4d2aa60e6d42b38f2ef35c98e09f81961d72c4502beb1 to mempool (txs=3187). [D:2020-04-13T18:58:50Z] (mempool) Added 123d121ec06bf8cfaeefb5ba25ed303fa82ee75e8179452cfb4be80d7cfd7161 to mempool (txs=3188). [D:2020-04-13T18:58:50Z] (mempool) Added 59b40a817ffc223361ec07874abb889d0769c8bb6155cb6cdf175680221a0f77 to mempool (txs=3189).

  • What is "the script"? – Andrew Chow Jul 30 at 15:35
  • debug.log is just a software level log; you should not rely on it for any serious data, as it offers no actual way to verify anything – Raghav Sood Jul 30 at 15:39

when I looking to a debug.log I don't see anything about blocks. Is it possible?

I expect the net category of log information should contain entries relating to the exchange of blocks with peers but I would not expect the full block data to be logged.

The name of the debug log suggests it is mainly intended as a way to investigate problems, and not intended as a means to routinely extract block data. You should use the RPC API for that.


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