I've tried unsuccessfully 2 times to download the application from this site https://www.weusecoins.com/en/getting-started. Last failure stopped at around 16,000 blocks. I am trying to get setup with a wallet and begin buying BTC's. I do not want to use an online wallet service.

The only other applications that I had open during the download was Firefox and I use AVG Free Antivirus, but do not know how to disable it. I have restarted the OS.

What to do?

Thank you very much in advance.


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If your computer is overclocked, this may fail repeatedly. Even overclocks that are stable in other situations can fail during this CPU/memory intensive sync process. Go back to stock settings and try again.


You may have more luck if you just use a bootstrap file. Download one and put it in your bitcoin data directory (remove everything else from the directory, but let wallet.dat stay). Name the file bootstrap.dat and then start the client.

The bootstrap file I linked to only contains 190.000 blocks, so after that you still need to download ~40.000 blocks.

Also, as Abei Villafane said, be careful with overclocking. It only takes a single memory error for the chain download to break, and those are far less likely when not overclocking.

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