The firstbits address on the front of the coin (once fully resolved from blockexplorer) is just like any other address right? I can buy a 1 BTC Casascius physical coin, copy the address, bury that coin in my backyard, and use regular transactions to keep increasing its value?

  • What you see on the front of the coin is not the Firstbits. It's simply a fixed number of first characters of the address. The only robust way to deduce the full address from what you see is Casascius' records, casascius.com/fulllist.txt. But yes, once you find the address of the coin, it's a normal address you can add more coins to and access them with the private key within. Commented Sep 17, 2014 at 17:22

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Yes, you can add value. The block chain only knows public keys. It doesn't care how or where the corresponding private keys are stored.

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