I have just downloaded the Bitcoin Core from https://bitcoin.org/en/download

I would like to ask the following since I have read the following article:

  1. https://blockgeeks.com/guides/best-bitcoin-script-guide/

  2. https://blockgeeks.com/guides/bitcoin-script-guide-part-2/

Is that downloaded Bitcoin Core features the same as the above 2 articles? Am I able to create my deposit and send transactions to include the fee and select peers?

Appreciate your kind guidance. Thank you.


If you are using the GUI (the visual window interface), you should be able to do all of those things. If you only installed the command line version, type bitcoin-cli help into your terminal to see a list of commands. bitcoin-cli help <command> will give you info on what each command does.

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    Thanks for the command line version. – Jsim Aug 12 '20 at 3:59

Yes you can read and try things mentioned in those articles using Bitcoin Core

Also refer to this link: https://bitcoin.stackexchange.com/a/98433/103136

  • Thanks, I shall try. – Jsim Aug 12 '20 at 3:59

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