Complete first-timer to setting up my own node here... I’ve got as far as downloading and syncing the node (on Windows PC), getting my router and anti-virus ports sorted, but want to limit my upload/download capacity for a number of reasons.

I’m trying to follow the instructions from bitcoin.org by typing in -maxuploadtarget=<MiB per day> Or -maxconnections=<num> into the Node Window Console.

I keep getting the error “Method not found” despite trying a number of different ways of typing in the command. Do I include the “-“, do I include the “< >”, do I include “Mib”, etc.

Can someone please help what exactly I should type in for a medium quality broadband without drawing too much attention (e.g. 500 MiB?).

Thanks so much and look forward to joining the BTC network.

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You can make changes in bitcoin.conf file


Bitcoin Core Config Generator (compatible with Bitcoin Core 0.20)

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