Now you can buy everything worldwide with https://all4btc.com/ (former https://bitspend.net/ )

It would be nice to get money now also only in bitcoins.

I would like to configure a bank account in the way that if there are incomings on it, it automatically buys bitcoins somewhere for it to the current exchange-rate and transfers them to my wallet.

  • Is there an online-banking software, where I could configure those kind of macro?

  • which bitcoin-software can be completely automated to buy on certain events?

  • in which country would it be possible to open this kind of automatizeable bank account?

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Bitcoin-Central is to-date the only exchange to describe the capability of an exchange account being integrated with a bank account.

It will be a EUR account. There is no estimate on when this will be available.

Coinbase will draw funds from a bank account however they have not been able to keep up with the demand so there is no assurance that when funds are available in the bank account that a Coinbase order to draw those funds can be placed.

Dwolla is another method of drawing funds from a bank account for delivery to an exchange. There is a several day delay between when the transfer request is placed and when the funds are made available in Dwolla for transfer to the exchange.

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