What is the Senders address to this address in July 1, 2017 to 33ox8sprJPoz7C3doQmi3ArKqkfbPErfKy in totall 4 BTC

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    I'm sorry, this question makes no sense. Addresses (or transactions) don't have "sender addresses". Can you clarify your question? – Pieter Wuille Sep 4 '20 at 19:15
  • this address "33ox8sprJPoz7C3doQmi3ArKqkfbPErfKy " received 4BTC in July 2017 , what was the sender address ? see answer below. – momo0 Sep 5 '20 at 6:43

The transaction in which 4 BTC was sent to 33ox8sprJPoz7C3doQmi3ArKqkfbPErfKy on 2017-07-01 has 3 inputs:





Most probably all belong to the same user and 13uTxEJsa55V9kEpfX8pAspBwWAmanjBQQ was change address associated in this transaction which also belongs to the same user/wallet. BTC was spent from the change address UTXO in Jan 2018 and deposited in an account on Binance exchange.



This is just my analysis based on data I see on blockchain and few assumptions. Do your own research based on data that is publicly available. While I was looking at different things involved in some of the transactions, came across 'non standard p2sh' and found this link which has interesting stats: https://txstats.com/dashboard/db/non-standard-outputs-statistics?orgId=1&from=now-7y&to=now

  • Great thanks for your answer. 1. what is "13uTxEJsa55V9kEpfX8pAspBwWAmanjBQQ was change address associated" 2. i see here explorer.bitcoin.com/btc/tx/… that the output is what does mean ? 13uTxEJsa55V9kEpfX8pAspBwWAmanjBQQ 0.02425453 btc – momo0 Sep 5 '20 at 6:40

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