I installed lnd and got to the point of creating a wallet with "lncli create" but I get an error "unable to read macaroon path" and gives the path of where the macaroon should be. I believe when you start lnd for the first time it creates these macaroons along with some other files and folders but mine only created


And no macaroons. Does anyone know why it would create only some of the files and folders?? Stumped!

Running on Ubuntu 20

  • So I installed v0.11.0-beta and it fixed the problem. There are definite bugs in the master.
    – Ghost
    Sep 23, 2020 at 12:39

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What version of lnd is this? I had the same problem on git master, it vanished when I changed it to 0.11.0-beta. Seems to be a new bug. I already passed it on to a dev, but you might want to open a formal issue as well.


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