I am running a few old miners (T9+) to heat my home and they are too loud and making a loss (which is ok, as I am interested in the heat). Following this suggestions (sticking with the standard firmware) I already reduced the fan-speed by adding the following entries to /conf/bmminer.conf

"bitmain-fan-ctrl": true,
"bitmain-fan-pwm": "66",

This resulted in an increased temperature of the chips (still below 100 deg C) as can be seen here: enter image description here

coming from here (below 80 deg C):

enter image description here

Since I am still not too happy with the noise level (reduction from 75db to 60db) thus I am considering to under clock the miners.

I believe that the frequency and Hashrate should follow a linear / proportional law meaning that reducing the frequency by 20% from 550 to 440 should result in a reduced hash rate by 20% from 10.5 to 8.4 TH/sec. Can someone please confirm this?

I am actually more interested in what is the relationship to power consumption. I am currently mining at a loss meaning I can't afford the same energy cost at a lower hash rate. I read that overclocking is not economic as the energy consumption does not grow linear.

  • Would that even hold true in the other direction?
  • Could the mining cost even break even (neglicting hardware cost) if I would reduce the frequency by 50 or more percent?
  • Where can I find a plot to measure this effect or how could I create one? (I am not a electrician)

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