I have been looking for a way to see the address's balance that doesn't belong to my own Bitcoin core wallet.

I don't like to use an external API, I have this full node and I really wonder if this is possible.

I saw this Pieter Wuille's answer: How to get an address's balance with the bitcoin client?

But it is an old answer when Bitcoin core even didn't support addresses as watch-only.

What I can understand from his answer is I can't see this information on my Bitcoin core, but right now with Bitcoin core v0.20.1, is that still not possible?

  1. Import addresses in bitcoin core and use listunspent or scantxoutset (scantxoutset doesn't require importing addresses as mentioned by sipa in the comments)


  1. Setup open source block explorers that use bitcoin core and use their API to get the required results:




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