Many OPCODES like OP_AND, OP_CAT, OP_SUBSTR are disabled as described in https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Script. Although, with Bitcoin Core 0.10.0 Gavin Andresen proposed "any Script" in P2SH transactions to be relayed/mined: enter image description here I'm still unsure if this applies disabled opcodes. I've come across a Mainnet coinbase transaction with disabled "OP_AND" opcode here, and a Testnet transaction here. I'm very curios if P2SH transactions with disabled opcodes in the redeem script relayed and mined on the BTC Mainnet.

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On that wiki link you posted it states:

If any opcode marked as disabled is present in a script, it must abort and fail.

An attempted UTXO spend with a failed script will not be relayed between nodes running Bitcoin Core (and other major implementations) and certainly won't be included in a mined block.

The mainnet coinbase transaction you link to includes an OP_AND in an input scriptSig. But input(s) in a coinbase transaction are ignored as it is mining new Bitcoins and is not spending from any output from another transaction.

The testnet transaction you link to includes an OP_AND in an output scriptPubKey. It hasn't been spent and can't be spent because there is no scriptSig that can spend from it.

BIP-Tapscript (BIP 342) proposes to make disabled opcodes like OP_AND OP_SUCCESSx which would mean that the Tapscript would automatically succeed if the opcode is encountered. This is so that new opcode functionality could potentially be introduced in a future soft fork without breaking backwards compatibility. But Taproot/Tapscript is not yet activated on the network at the time of writing (October 2020).

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