Casacsius stopped selling physical bitcoins directly on April 1st 2013, and instead refers people to resellers.

Where can I find some reputable resellers?


Casascius has resumed selling individual and rolls of coins on the official website, https://www.casascius.com/. Individual coins will be sold for a limited time only.

It is still possible to save money on individual coins by buying through resellers.



Casascius Physical Bitcoins, physical coins loaded with bicoin buy online.

  • What is your experience with this reseller? Why do you recommend them? – Murch Dec 21 '15 at 22:30

You should be able to find sellers on bitmit.net. You can also use esgrow there to assure that you have no issues with your transaction.


Reliable Casascius and Recalescence coins reseller! Our store has been working from 2012 and is now shipping to European countries. Take a loot at https://btcstore.eu

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Using escrow in the markets on the Bitcoin forums is a safe and easy method. Markup is quite high at this time, December 2015.

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