For many years now, I've been waiting for Bisq to implement its damn API so I can begin trading (between crypto currencies, since automation is impossible with fiat).

Today, I again did a "round" to check if it has happened, and... I'm not sure? There are numerous old posts about the different APIs, and recent mentions of it, and there's this cryptic "documentation": https://mrosseel.github.io/bisq-api-examples/

But is it actually "live"? Can I start automatically trading with it today? Or is this still in some kind of "test-only" mode?

I would have asked them directly if it weren't for the fact that every single channel they provide to communicate with them refuses registration or requires weird software to be installed.

More information: https://helloreverb.com

It's probably not a good sign that this shows some kind of generic "under construction" message...

I've browsed their official website for a long time without finding any mention of the API, so I assume that it's not live?


I tried asking about bisq API on twitter and its a work in progress:



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