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  1. Why does Bisq care about Bitcoin Core being installed or not?
  2. Why does it matter if it's "fully synced" or not before Bisq is started?
  3. Why does it matter if it's "running in pruned mode"? What if I am running in pruned mode? Will that somehow break Bisq? It's not like "pruned mode" is something you just flick on or off; it's a fundamental decision that spells the difference between having to store hundreds of gigabytes of data or almost nothing at all. I barely have the room for any more blockchain data, so I've strongly considered enabling pruned mode. But what does Bisq have to do with this?
  4. What are "bloom filters"? This is the first time I ever hear that concept. "Bloom filter" sounds like some kind of visual effect in 3D-accelerated video games -- not something to do with crypto currencies.
  5. What does it mean by "a well configured node"? Of what? Bitcoin Core? Bisq?

The entire message is incredibly cryptic and confusing. I truly have no idea what it means by any of it.

Please address my sub-questions one by one to make it clear.

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