I get that this will cause transactions to take an extremely long time to process, but why is this a problem? Credit card transactions take about 1-3 days to process, yet many vendors still accept them. Will everyday stores and sellers not accept Bitcoin if transactions take too long?

  • Credit card transactions are accepted instantly by the credit card company; Bitcoin has no such equivalent feature. The CC company instantly agrees to the payment. The actual payment may happen later but it's definitely going to happen. Bitcoin transactions might be cancelled at any time before they're processed.
    – user253751
    Nov 12 '20 at 17:02
  • "Bitcoin has no such equivalent feature" Bitcoin has layers Lightning payments are instant and depend on Bitcoin "but it's definitely going to happen" chargebacks are a big issue in credit cards apart from the privacy and security issues
    – Prayank
    Nov 12 '20 at 18:17

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