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How many confirmations do I need to ensure a transaction is successful? [duplicate]

As a regular user of Bitcoin, I often send bitcoins to other, or receive BTC from others, sometimes this might be a trade or deposit. Some traders require at least 6 confirmation, some require at ...
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Can I spend a tx before it has 6 confirmations? [duplicate]

When I got a transaction (someone transfer some bitcoins to me), can I use it before the transaction has 6 confirmations?
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Can someone explain how the Bitcoin Blockchain works?

I'm trying to figure out how the blockchain works and how to read it via website. Is there a laymen way of explaining how the block chain works and how to read the blockchain to trace ...
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Why was the target block time chosen to be 10 minutes?

According to the wiki, 10 minutes was chosen as a 'tradeoff'. Why ten minutes specifically? It is a tradeoff chosen by Satoshi between propagation time of new blocks in large networks and the amount ...
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Will transaction confirmation time be reduced as the network size increases?

Right now it takes 6 confirmations, which takes about an hour to verify a transaction. Will the rate at which transactions confirm become faster over time?
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Why do mining pools require 120 confirms for a solved block before payout?

According to this question here, 6 confirmations can be considered 'secure enough'. Some pools out there also offer payout at 100 confirms but that's still substantially higher than 6. Why is such a ...
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How many confirmations takes place before transaction is successful

Yesterday I attempted to send two bitcoin transfers from Livecoin and almost 24 hours later it hasn't been successful. When I check the transactions they have 99 and 95 confirmations. What does that ...
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Can two or more transactions sent from the same address be mined in the same block in Bitcoin's blockchain?

Imagine a person Bob has 10 bitcoins in his wallet. He wants to send 5 bitcoins to Alice and another 5 bitcoins to Uncle Tom simultaneously (in separate transactions). Will both Bob's transactions be ...
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What is the risk of waiting for just one confirmation to validate a transaction, assuming the counterparty is not a miner?

I am trying to determine how many confirmations would be reasonably safe to wait before accepting a Bitcoin transaction from an attacker that is not a miner and hence cannot rely on Finney attacks, ...
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What's so special about six blocks for confirming transactions?

I read that when your transaction is part of a block that has five other blocks on top of it, you can feel safe that your transaction is not in danger of being orphaned because someone else would come ...
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How long a high-priority transaction takes to evaluate

I am missing something so far in reading this (excellent resource). I read the part about transactions for the most part, but I don't understand the actual code evaluation part, and how long it takes. ...
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bitcoin reorg question

if a block takes 10 minutes to be mined does it need 21 minutes to be reorged? if the reorg started immediately after the block was mined because 100% was mining and 51.5% will reorg how long does ...
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Cryptocurrency acceptance

I heard that the recommended waiting confirmation time for a bitcoin transaction is 6 blocks/ 1 hour. So a shop which lets its customer to pay in bitcoin without any waiting for confirmation would ...
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Understand double spending through an example

Let’s suppose you have 1 BTC which you try to spend twice. You made the 1 BTC transaction to a merchant (Transaction T1). Now, you again sign and send the same 1 BTC on another Bitcoin address to try ...
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How could a lightweight wallet determine the validity of 0-conf transaction?

I found that a lot of people are interested about security of 0-confirmation payments. But, it seems that most discussions focused on double-spending (like broadcasting two or more conflicting-but-...
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