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Where is my bitcoin balance stored in the blockchain?

This is possibly a duplicate but, since I am a Bitcoin dummy I cannot find it. Anyhow; as I understand (and I will make some assumptions here), a block in the blockchain contains one or more ...
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What is an "unspent output"?

What is the meaning of the term "unspent output" in the Bitcoin protocol?
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Why does everyone talk about the blockchain being a record of transactions if it’s just a hash?

I’m trying to get to know how cryptocurrency works and everyone treats the blockchain like an active record of every transaction, like if someone wanted to reuse the same bitcoin with the same code ...
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What happen if some blocks are added simultaneously with same previous hash

In all of the blockchain samples that I see e.g. adilmoujahid, Savjee as I checked, they added previous Hash by creating a block. Suppose that, L is the current last block in a chain. Block A and ...
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What is a nonce?

When I see the block info on blockchain, I see that there is a field named "nonce", I could not find any relevant information on web regarding what a nonce is. Please explain what a nonce is what is ...
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Transaction blocks vs bitcoins

Sorry if this question is too basic or if it has somehow been answered before... My understanding is that any type of Bitcoin block must be first mined, which applies to transaction confirmations, for ...
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How is difficulty calculated?

Can anyone explain me in the plain English how difficulty is calculated. I have a very approximate understanding that it is calculated based on the amount of hash power in all the bitcoin community ...
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What are bitcoin "confirmations"?

When I receive bitcoins I see a certain number of "confirmations" in the client. What do these mean? Why do most sites make me wait for 6 "confirmations" before a purchase will go through?
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I am new to Bitcoin, how can I get started?

I am new to both StackExchange and to the new online currency called Bitcoin. I understand what Bitcoin is and how it works, but I was wondering: how do you actually get started with Bitcoin? I have ...
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Difference between crypto coin vs crypto block?

I have several doubts about cryptocurrency when I started(bitcoin) reading about it. I google it around and it only added to more confusion. I am not able to understand the difference between a ...
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How can't a malicious attacker generate bitcoins on his private network?

I'm new to the cryptocurrencies world and I'm trying to understand how all this stuff works, so expect a really noob question. Suppose there's a user which generates a number of addresses and sets ...
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How 2 chains co-exist together?

I am not able to understand, how 2 chains co-exist together, like these were the observations which are ambiguity for me: In one reading I have read, Only longest chain is valid and and rest chains ...
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How does Bitcoin prevent double-spending without penalizing miners?

In the network nodes below as shown in picture: Let's say A is trying to double spend by sending bitcoins to B,C (A->B) and (A->C) and let's say A tried to relay (A->B) transaction to honest ...
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How do transaction verification and adding a block to the blockchain fit together?

I have the below questions: How is a transaction added to a block? Do miners get a reward for adding a transaction to a block? How is that block then added to the blockchain? If everyone (miners) are ...
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How and when do nodes stop broadcasting a transaction?

Suppose a node begins broadcasting a signed transaction. Question 1. At what stage is the signature verified? In §5 of the whitepaper, verification only appears during block acceptance after mining. ...

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