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Is it important to buy Bitcion hardware to start mining? [duplicate]

I have just learnt about Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining. Is it really important to buy Bitcoin mining hardware like BFGMiner to earn Bitcoins ? Can't we just download the software and join a pool?
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Please help, stuck at static 24Mhash/s? [duplicate]

I'm fairly new to mining bitcoin, but I have read that using GPU can help improve performance. I currently am using GUIMiner (latest version) running on an OpenCL back-end but when I choose to use my ...
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External GPU for mining [closed]

Of course, there are lots of ASICs out there with exponentially more hashing power. But I'm not yet ready to invest and dedicate to one coin. Is there a mining solution in which one can set up an ...
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How do I get started mining bitcoin with a GPU? [duplicate]

I'm totally new to this, but love this idea! I want to help, (and generate coin), and have only installed Bitcoin-Qt version 0.8.1 It ran, synchronized; I encrypted my wallet. But now what? Will ...
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What is required to generate a block? [duplicate]

I've read a little about BitCoins and think the idea is very interesting. I was wondering what is required to generate a block? I assume there is some software you need. Do I also need an account ...
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What is a Mining Pool, what is it good for?

What advantages / disadvantages does it offer over solo mining?
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Is CPU mining even worth it? [duplicate]

I would like to start mining, but my GPU isn't the greatest and I don't really want to spend the money on a dedicated rig. Is mining from my CPU (in a Linux environment) still worth it? Or will I not ...
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What is a good mining pool/payout model for infrequent mining?

I usually mine only, when I do stuff using my PC so it is on anyway. So far I used Slushs Pool but they have a score based reward system, which seem to punish casual mining. If a long round ends >15 ...
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How do you setup your own Bitcoin / Litecoin / Primecoin / Altcoin pool? Whats a good tutorial?

I was wondering how would one setup their own pool for one of the alt coins. Is there a good tutorial link on how to setup your own pool? I'm mainly looking to setup a datacoin pool but was wondering ...
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How to start mining Bitcoin [duplicate]

I have a strong GPU, CPU, and enough RAM to choke a goat. I have installed BitCoin Core 64, and my wallet is (finally) synced. What do I do to start mining. Do I just leave the program running or do I ...

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