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How to fork Bitcoin and build own cryptocurrency [closed]

Is there any step-by-step tutorial about how to build own cryptocurrency based on Bitcoin code?
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Why doesn't bitcoin place additional constraints on competing block chain forks, other than length of chain? (e.g., time and confirmation count)

In Bitcoin's proof-of-work system, consensus on which chain of blocks should be considered the "true" block chain is based only(?) on which chain is longer. Accordingly, to quote a nicely written ...
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51% attack and rewriting to the latest checkpoint

This is not a question about the consequence of a 51% on the price nor as to the motivation of the attacker. Let say we don't care that it's not realistic and we don't care that the attacker wouldn't ...
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Why miners need to broadcast blocks that contains full transactions in Bitcoin?

Does anyone know why Bitcoin requires miners to broadcast blocks that contains full transactions? When a user want to make a payment on Bitcion, he/she needs to broadcast a signed transaction, and ...
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I want to start mining new blockchain (exactly as Satoshi did in 2009) for testing purpose

I will mine myself ONLY so difficulty will be always in 1 range so CPU is enough for this task So my question is: how to setup bitcoin core 0.12 to start mining with CPU new blockchain ? If I type ...
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Altcoin peers do not sync with each other

I created two altcoin peers and they can add blocks to genesis block. However their blockchains do not sync with each other! The only way let the block merge is to stop a peer and restart the peer. ...
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Does Bitcoin Core validate signatures by default?

There have been claims recently of Bitcoin Core not validating the signatures in a block by default. If this is true, can Bitcoin Core even claim to be a full node?
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how to insert new checkpoints in a bitcoin clone

I know Checkpoints are old blocks hardcoded into the source: What are checkpoints? {11111, uint256S("0x0000000069e244f73d78e8fd29ba2fd2ed618bd6fa2ee92559f542fdb26e7c1d")}, {33333, uint256S("...
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Would it be possible to overtake the network by running a secluded mining operation for many years?

I have a scenario. Let's say I start my own Bitcoin mining on a secluded network. I leave this to mine for many years or even pass it down to future generations. To the very point that my chain is ...
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What kind of attacks do exactly check-points prevent?

I'm aware of this post and this one. If it's used to prevent an attacker from forking old blocks (or chain), then a client can detect it because the fork length would be shorter than the length of ...
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Can a two-block-sized chain override the main chain?

After i read this: Honest generators only build onto a block (by referencing it in blocks they create) if it is the latest block in the longest valid chain. "Length" is calculated as total combined ...
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Block Chain length/size may one day get unwieldy to compute

Is it possible that the length of the existing block chain will one day become unwieldy to compute? Would it make more sense that the chain would somehow be rolled up like normal bank ledgers do with ...
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