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Address Public Private key verification [duplicate]

Apologies if this question has been asked before, but when a bitcoin client wishes to send funds to an address, does the bitcoin protocol force the client to verify that the address has a ...
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Bitcoin wrong address [duplicate]

What will happen if someone does not copy and paste the "To" address properly? For example: If my address is 1xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxA and the person tries to send money to 1xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (note the ...
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Sent to wrong bitcoin address [duplicate]

Need help I sent my bitcoin cash at the atm to the wrong bitcoin HOW can I use this address to send to the address I want it the money on !!! NEED HELP NOW
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Bitcoins sent to wrong address [duplicate]

I've make a mistake: unfortunately I've write my Bitcoin(s) from The Ledger to a wrong unknown adress. Is there any way to recover this mistake ?
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Can a bitcoin transaction be reversed?

If I sent bitcoins to someone, but then want to cancel this transaction after it was already made (like a chargeback on a credit card), is this possible with Bitcoin?
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Is there an easy way to give people a Bitcoin address?

I see that Bitcoin addresses have built in checksums that helps prevent typos (ie. it is highly unlikely that you can mistype a Bitcoin address and have it still be valid). However, I still think the ...
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At what point is a new wallet known by the Bitcoin network?

I was just showing a deterministic wallet to a friend who asked "At what point is the wallet known to the network?" and I could only guess by saying that it is known only when a transaction is ...
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Is there a way I can reach the owner of the wallet address

I mistakenly sent some bitcoins to a wrong address. The mistake was from the wallet address I was given. An extra letter was added, making the address 35 digits. Is there a way I can reach the owner ...
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Sending bitcoins to an un-owned, well-formed wallet

This is a follow-up question to: What happens if I mistype the address when making a payment?. Scenario: You're trying to send bitcoins to an address. You type in the wrong address, but the address (...
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What happens if I send a Bitcoin to an address no one owns?

Say I send 1.0 BTC to a Bitcoin address that is valid but has never been used yet. Does that 1.0 BTC effectively disappear? Or will the transaction fail? If the transaction succeeds, could someone ...
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Can a new wallet receive money that was sent to it before the wallet was created? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What would happen if two public keys had the same Base58 hash? A follow up from What happens if I mistype the address when making a payment? Suppose I accidentally (or ...
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Is it possible to reverse mistaken transactions? [duplicate]

I'm referring to the challenge Bill Gates raised as a shortcoming of Bitcoin. Could it ever be possible to reverse a bitcoin transaction mistakenly sent to the wrong address?
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Practical interpersonal address exchange

How can addresses be exchanged practically & efficiently between two users? Visually copying & keying them is impractical & faulty.
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What is the behavior of the try catch statement in lines 1707-1729 in the ui.cpp in the release 0.1?

In the first public release, ui.cpp has this code on the lines in the subject: void CSendingDialog::OnReply3(CDataStream& vRecv) { int nRet; try { vRecv >> nRet; ...
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