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6k views unconfirmed transaction [duplicate]

I'm a newbie and was wondering what to do when there is an unconfirmed transaction on Can I reverse the transaction? Will my BTC reach the other side? Or are they lost?
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Is it possible to reverse a confirmed transaction? [duplicate]

I have been scammed by a so-called "trading account manager", he kept stalling until he told me my account had a problem and needed to be "rectified". Then, he told me I had to pay $300 for that, so I'...
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I want to block my transaction [duplicate]

I made a payment to somebody and now he is not replying me regarding the product I made the payment for and think its a fraud. So I want to block the transaction. All I have is the QR code of the ...
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Is it possible to reverse mistaken transactions? [duplicate]

I'm referring to the challenge Bill Gates raised as a shortcoming of Bitcoin. Could it ever be possible to reverse a bitcoin transaction mistakenly sent to the wrong address?
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What happens if I mistype the address when making a payment?

I sent bitcoins to an address, but I think I made a typo when I copied it. Where did these bitcoins go. Can I get them back?
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Which Bitcoin escrow services are available - and reliable?

For some transaction, the possibility of generating "chargebacks" might be very useful. For example, when trust cannot be established between both parties. In such cases, a trusted third party may be ...
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Help! I sent coins to my bitcoin wallet before it was properly synced! [duplicate]

I sent coins to my Bitcoin wallet not after installing it, but before it had fully synced! Then I closed and reopened it after sending the coins. It had generated a bitcoin address to send to, but is ...
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Does bitcoin improve on "hard" currencies in any way?

Question is in the title. Anyone who's toyed sufficiently long enough on the foreign exchange understands that currencies are largely driven by sentiment or manipulated on the odd occasion. Plus, ...
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Is there a way I can reach the owner of the wallet address

I mistakenly sent some bitcoins to a wrong address. The mistake was from the wallet address I was given. An extra letter was added, making the address 35 digits. Is there a way I can reach the owner ...
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I have sent a person some bitcoin. He never sent me the goods. How can I get my funds back?

I have been scammed by a person and I want to dispute a bitcoin transaction.
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Is there any study or research of how to make BTC transfers refundable?

is there any study or recent research of making the bitcoins transfer refundable? As if your account is hacked and the bitcoins are transferred there is no way I can return it back.
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I sent bitcoin to the same address a second time, how can I recover it? [closed]

I accidentally sent $28 in bitcoin to this address 32o7Pt42rsUFupN9sNLYJdQc6MNji5rANg a second time, and it never posted to the account to which I intended to send it. I have found the transaction in ...
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Wrong address used

What happens if the coins are sent to the wrong address? The address I used in error was wrong and when I contacted the site it said that they only used addresses once. Since the address was ...
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What are the perceived advantages that bitcoin has over other currencies or other ways of sending money? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What are the perceived advantages of bitcoin as a means of exchange? Suppose that the value of Bitcoin in USD magically remained constant from this day forward. What unique ...
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