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Coinbase maturity of 100 transactions [duplicate]

The protocol rules state that For each input, if the referenced output transaction is coinbase (i.e. only 1 input, with hash=0, n=-1), it must have at least COINBASE_MATURITY (100) ...
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Coinbase transaction's 100-block cooldown period

From the developer guide: The UTXO of a coinbase transaction has the special condition that it cannot be spent (used as an input) for at least 100 blocks. This temporarily prevents a miner from ...
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Why coinbase maturity is defined to be 100 and not 50?

I understand the logic behind coinbase maturity. One thing that I cannot find an answer for is why it's defined 100 and not 50? Is it just probability reason to decrease that orphan blocks will be ...
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Does desktop wallet need to be online for the coins to mature?

Suppose, I've installed a new coin wallet, got synchronized with the network, now I've sent some coins to my wallet. Now, if I close my wallet (and stay offline), would it get maturity after X amount ...
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Why doesn't the protocol allow unconfirmed transactions to expire at a given height?

Transactions with low fees may remain in the mempool for as long as 14 days. This indeterminism is a source of confusion for users and wallets. It's not possible to cause a transaction in the mempool ...
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Who decides the block reward in Bitcoin?

I know that when a miner mines a block, he will be rewarded with some bitcoins. But who decides how much bitcoin he will get? If it is decided by all the miners (as they are the ones verifying ...
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How to get money when using regtest

I want to experiment in the regtest network. But I don't understand how I can get funds to play with. I did: bitcoind -regtest -daemon bitcoin-cli -regtest sendtoaddress ...
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Bitcoin mining reward in 2009

can someone confirm if this is true or false. When a miner started to mine in 2009, they were automatically given five bitcoins? That is 5 BitCoins automatically appeared in their wallet almost like ...
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I found a BTC hash. Now what?

I used a mining program written in python and after a lot of time, it found a hash that looks something like this: 0000de957fbfdfc77582e0d0b20c53d2d1d83d8bb8cfe3693521f672bf2a6021 except it has 19 0's ...
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How do fees get processed in bitcoin? (protocol question)

If the fee isn’t written into the ledger, and it’s just the difference between the input transaction amount and the output transaction amount, how does the miner prove he has access in his wallet to ...
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If newly generated coin disappear, will that affect the total supply?

When coins are generated they need to go down certain number of blocks to be mature and spendable, if for some reason they disapear, will that reduce the total supply of the currency, since the ...
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Coinbase transaction UTXOs are prohibited until 100 confirmed? By what?

I notice that many coinbase transactions(like in block 720,815) with locktime=0x00000000 and sequence=0xFFFFFFFF, which means UTXO could be spent immediately. There seems to be no limit to coinbase's ...
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