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Why is reusing bitcoin private keys frowned upon? [duplicate]

So far I've understood that reusing a private key to send out from is not good due to exposing your privacy. I know reusing keys are frowned upon, but I never really understood why. Aside from the ...
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Address reuse, cold storage and private keys [duplicate]

I was going through some old posts regarding address reuse and came across a few remarks I wasn't aware of, and want to make sure I understood correctly. I knew address reuse wasn't the best for ...
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I've downloaded a Bitcoin Core, why it's recommended to use a new address for a new transaction? [duplicate]

I'm a bit new to Bitcoin. I just downloaded a Bitcoin wallet "bitcoin core". And I have downloaded all the nodes (a lot of data, I believe it's the complete one). When I click the "Receive", I can ...
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Can I continue to use an old Bitcoin address? [duplicate]

I have a wallet on and they generated a Bitcoin address for me. Now, I have another Bitcoin address. Can I still use my old Bitcoin address?
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Static receive address instead of dynamic?

I have 2 BTC QT wallets (and 1 LTC QT wallet), and am looking for a generic receive address for my wallets. In Electrum, Mist/Ethereum and Rippex, I get a single unique address to receive. In the QT ...
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Does it hurt the network to reuse addresses?

There is already a question that ask why you shouldn't reuse addresses, but it's about whether or not it's a bad idea for the person who would do the reusing. I understand there are several reasons ...
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Why is it impossible to get a straight answer as to whether Bitcoin is anonymous or not?

Yesterday, I asked a question which got linked to this answer: Is it true that all the bitcoins in existence are on the blockchain (the ledge), but it just depends on who the owner (address) is? ...
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Bitcoin Core balance incorrect after connecting Sparrow wallet

I have a Sparrow wallet with previous transactions that was connected to an Electrum server. I installed Bitcoin Core v25, downloaded entire blockchain (no pruning) and switched my Sparrow settings ...
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What is a bitcoin wallet? [closed]

I do not understand how addresses and wallets are related. I see that you are advised to generate an address for every transaction and, furthermore, use (multi-in multi-out) tumblers to maintain ...
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Reusing same address potential security vunerability?

I was watching Andreas Antonopoulos talk about security on youtube. I heard him say something about using the same public address multiple times could increase risk of your private key being cracked ...
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