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Should we wait 10 minutes to confirm a transaction [duplicate]

I have read this proof of work calculation takes about 10 minutes. That mean people who are making the transaction should wait 10 minutes ? Let's imagine i want to buy a drink with bitcoin. The ...
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Can low-cost purchases be accepted safely with no confirmations? [duplicate]

From reading online, the general sentiment to this seems to be "no". You need at least 1 confirmation to prevent a double spend attack. But in Mastering Bitcoin, there's this note: A common ...
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How do I accept bitcoin payments at a real world store?

From what I understand, there are some requirements for using bitcoins at a physical store: Both the store owner and the client must have Internet access The client must have a cellphone or a laptop ...
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It's possible to spend a BTC without fee to forge a payment?

I would like to know if it is possible to make a transaction without fee (probably this transaction will never be confirmed) and some time later to take this money back and spend in another ...
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Are Bitcoin transactions really "frictionless" given confirmation time?

One of the big selling points for Bitcoin is that transactions are frictionless. I understand this to mean that there is no middleman to take a cut. However, there are 2 major frictions I see. 1) ...
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What exactly happens when a node detects a double spend?

Does the node drop both transactions? Does the node choose which one to keep? What exactly happens? Will both transactions be rejected by the network or will one of them be eventually accepted?
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Why does only the earliest transaction matter for double spending?

On page 2 of Bitcoin paper, it says: The problem of course is the payee can't verify that one of the owners did not double-spend the coin. A common solution is to introduce a trusted central ...
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Is there a way for merchants to insist on a tx fee to increase likelihood of the tx (eventually) being accepted into the blockchain?

I understand that some transactions may never get into a block, esp those with zero fee or with a fee below the current suggested minimum (which makes me wonder about tx fee inflation, but that's ...
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Can long time taken for confirmations become blocker for bitcoin adopotion? [duplicate]

As of today, it is observed that up to 6 confirmations are needed in most of the places to verify that the transaction is complete. Assuming that it takes 10 mins for one confirmation, it takes up to ...
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It takes longer to transact your money Bitcoin! Why?

When it says transactions takes up to 10 minutes, Why do it take more then two minutes when you transfer money into another account
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