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Synchronizing with network – What does it mean? [duplicate]

The messages: synchronizing with network xxx blocks remaining what does that mean?
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I bought 1 BTC from and received my bitcoin in my online wallet with no problems at all, after that I then sent it to my "bitcoin-qt wallet" address located inside the Bitcoin wallet ...
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Wallet Out of Sync and Bitcoin transfer [duplicate]

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Wallet says “unsynchronised”, is that stopping me from seeing my bitcoins that I just received? [duplicate]

I don't see the bitcoins I was supposed to receive today at 3PM and I tried to close the application to refresh it but it still hasn't arrived. I used GoldUX so that he could send my webmoney to my ...
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Bitcoins did not arrive [duplicate]

A few days ago I transferred bitcoins from to the Bitcoin Core - Wallet, but the bitcoin did never arrive, I made a Request and the address was: 15Yw9RpFY28cN1fjwQPQfqvxjGg9TXRLmB ...
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Bitcoin core, wallet is empty? [duplicate]

So I have a bitcoin core wallet. And I bought bitcoins and filled out the address under, I think the english word for it is: reception addresses. see picture. I assumed this was my wallet address. ...
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Downloaded bitcoin core and it says synchronising with network, how do I get it to download the blockchain? [duplicate]

I downloaded Bitcoin core today, and my got an address for my friend to send me some bitcoins. He sent them, and I didn't realise I should have waited until the blockchain downloaded, and this can ...
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Bitcoin: transaction completed, bitcoins never arrived [duplicate]

I'm currently mining some bitcoins during normal computer use. I am using windows. The wallet is Bitcoin, as a miner I am using GUIMiner and pooled mining. I am happy with the way everything works, ...
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I am new and I did not get bitcoins [duplicate]

I am new to Bitcoin. So, I downloaded the Windows Bitcoins software from the official website and used the "request bitcoins" option to request bitcoins from my exchanger. My exchanger charged me $20 ...
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Slow synchronisation bitcoin-qt - bread wallet [duplicate]

I have used bitcoin-qt for a while, but I have read now there is bread wallet for iOS more secure than any OS X wallet, is this true ? I didn't update it for a while and now it is like 60+weeks ...
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Synchronizing with network [duplicate]

I transferred some bitcoin to my bitcoin core wallet, at the bottom it is still showing "Synchronizing with network" and my funds have not yet appeared. Did transferring funds to my wallet before this ...
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Bitcoin address with money need help getting it? [duplicate]

I have money in a bitcoin address how do I get the money out of it? I am new to bitcoin any help is helpful.
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I bought bitcoins and sent them to the wallet, however the wallet is not synchronized and as a result I cannot see my bitcoins. Will I be able to see them as soon as the synchronization process ...
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How to request for refund [duplicate]

I send funds (bitcoin) to Bitcoin Core Wallet by mistake, how can I request a refund?
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