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I didn't receive a Bitcoin Payment. What does it mean when the Client is synchronizing?

Bitcoin newbie here. I recently installed the Bitcoin client, and purchased some bitcoins from Mt.Gox. My problem is that my client is constantly synchronizing. I've checked charts and seen that my ...
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Why might MultiBit not show a transaction that was sent to me? [duplicate]

So i recently bought a bitcoin from a vendor , and i had it sent to my Address in multibit. Now the problem is , the money isn't there and i'm not sure what to do. He told me to get bitcoin (program)...
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cant see bitcoin after restore of backup [duplicate]

I made a backup of my Qt wallet. The blockchain never got completely downloaded and i was sent a bitcoin that i never saw in my wallet as the downloading of the blockchain never caught up with the ...
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Bitcoin Transaction Unconfirmed [duplicate]

I made a transaction on March 13th, transferring .88 BTC from my desktop wallet to another account. I have a Mac and am using Bitcoin-Qt version v0.8.1-beta. The transaction did not go through, my ...
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Transactions show up on blockchain but not in multibit? [duplicate]

1JPEobzLgKo5EKEfDVN8aJ61Pdryse6ccf This address shows transactions I was not aware of for unknown reasons, and does not show up in multibit(version 0.5.16). Which one is accurate, and how can I sync ...
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It's taking forever to sychronize wallet [duplicate]

I was sending bitcoins from Mt. Gox to my bit wallet. However, the wallet still says its sychronizing. It says there are 18600 blocks remaining and the count is reducing extremely slowly. It's been ...
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Can a bitcoin transaction be reversed?

If I sent bitcoins to someone, but then want to cancel this transaction after it was already made (like a chargeback on a credit card), is this possible with Bitcoin?
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Wallet Out of Sync and Bitcoin transfer [duplicate]

I bought bitcoins and sent them to the wallet, however the wallet is not synchronized and as a result I cannot see my bitcoins. Will I be able to see them as soon as the synch process finishes or have ...
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Transaction generator with payment fee optimization for large number of small coins

I have a large amount of money in a lot of small coins in my wallet (most of them like 0.0002 BTC). But whatever I do, I loose about 15% due to transaction fees, because transactions are too large. ...
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How can I regain coins on a device with insufficient memory to fully synchronize?

I have started syncing the blocks and didn't know how much room was need, I am about 40 gb through and my device is full. I already have money on the account, but it isn't synced far enough to send ...
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